Today you heard from Apple's executive team—CEO Tim Cook, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller—about it believes the iPhone 5 is the hottest smartphone money can buy. But what about the people who designed and built it? Shouldn't they have a say? They should and they did.

During Apple's presentation today, a video was shown to attendees that featured some of the company's lead designers and engineers—Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, Jonathan  Ive, and Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering—discussing how the iPhone 5 was made. They describe how Apple was able to get the phone so thin, how the new camera was made with Sapphire Crystal, and how the new 4G antennas work. 

Is it a glorified ad? Yes. But if you haven't had your iPhone 5 fill, check it out. 

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[via Slash Gear]