When the iPhone found its way to Verizon Wireless and Sprint, one of AT&T's major marketing messages was the fact that its network was the only one that allowed customers to make phone calls and surf the web at the same time. It seems that Ma Bell will be able to continue pushing that message when the iPhone 5 hits stores. 

According to a report from the New York Times, iPhone 5s running on Verizon Wireless and Sprint will only be able to handle phone calls and access the Internet when connected to a Wi-Fi network. The reason used to lie with the fact that the CDMA networks Sprint and Verizon used couldn't handle data and voice at the same time, while AT&T's GSM network could. 

Before you take to Twitter and trash those wireless carriers, know this: It's not their fault. 

Verizon spokeswoman, Brenda Raney, told the Times that the fault lies solely with Apple. AnandTech discovered that, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S III, a 4G LTE phone that runs on Sprint and Verizon and allows users to simultaneous use the Web and talk on the phone, the iPhone 5 does not have an extra antenna to handle data during a phone call. 

There is good news, however. Head to the New York Times for the full report and to find out why this problem is only temporary. 

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