Fall has arrived, and that means that another Paranormal Activity sequel is on its way. The blockbuster franchise is now on its fourth installment, and this new trailer released for the movie proves that fans shouldn’t expect anything vastly different from the other ones. Unlike Paranormal Activity 3, Paranormal Activity 4 is a direct sequel to the second one, and continues the ongoing storyline that fans have been looking forward to.

This trailer is filled with the familiar types of scares that we’re all used to by now, but the writers and directors of this movie have found such a solid formula that even the familiar gimmicks can still send shivers down our spine. It's also worth noting that the little kid who plays Hunter is undeniably creepy, even when he's clearly not even trying to be. 

Will Paranormal Activity 4 live up to quality of the previous chapters? We’ll have to wait until it’s released on October 19 to know for sure.

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