Toys R Us earlier this month announced a tablet called the Tabeo aimed squarely at the kids who run around its stores begging their parents to buy them everything in arm's reach. But before the world's largest toy retailer was able to get the device on store shevles, a company called Fuhu hit it with a lawsuit.

Fuhu has accused Toys R Us fraud, breach of contract, unfair competition, and trade secret misappropriation. This is all stems from a similar tablet device for children Fuhu made called the Nabi that began selling exclusively in Toys R Us stores in November of 2011. 

The Nabi didn't sell many units during its year-long sale run in Toys R Us. Fuhu blames Toys R Us for not properly marketing the device, and claims the company incorporated features from the Nabi into the Tabeo. 

Fuhu is not only looking to stop Tabeo tablets from being sold, it wants monetary damanges, and it wants Toys R Us turn over all Tabeos. A spokeswoman of Toys R Us told PC Mag that the company is currently reviewing the filing and declined to comment further on the accusations. 

[via PC Mag]

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