ICM, the Florida-based company that controls the newly minted .XXX domains, has introduced an easy way for people to find porn sites that use the controversial top-level domain. 

The aptly named "Search.XXX" is a facsimile of the Google homepage. There's a big logo and a search box. At the very top of the page lies three menus that allow the user to pick whether they want an all-white background a la Google, or a black one, choose between 19 languages, and set their sexual preference. 

Before you're allowed to conduct a search the site asks you to confirm that you're over the age of 18 by simply clicking the link that says you are over the age of 18. McAfee is working with ICM to scan all the site that show up in the results so users don't contract any viruses when visiting certain pages. 

Why anyone would use this site rather than hitting up Google is beyond us. We understand this measure to put in place to prevent kids from accessing porn, but kids were accessing porn back when a 56k modem was considered high-speed. 

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[via NBC News]