Less than a year after the release of the Michelle Williams-starring Marilyn Monroe biopic, My Week With Marilyn, Deadline is reporting that production company Winkler Films has optioned the rights to the novel "The Empty Glass," by J. I. Baker. The film, which will be adapted into a screenplay by Baker himself, is expected to weave "together historical events with infamous conspiracy theories regarding Marilyn Monroe’s untimely death." 

"The Empty Glass reads like a Billy Wilder screenplay," Winkler Films' David Winkler said of the book. "It’s got suspense, action and dramatic plot turns that will appeal to great directors, and rich dialogue that will attract great actors. We knew immediately that nobody could adapt the book better than the author himself, Jim Baker."

Winkler Films' Irwin Winkler produced Goodfellas, and is currently working on the Leonardo DiCaprio-starring The Wolf of Wall Street.

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[via Deadline]

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