Every man needs a room to call their own. A place where they can go to decompress, chill, and engage in typical male extracurricular activities: watch sports, play games, listen to music, and get twisted. This place of refuge we speak of is known as the man cave. Some dudes have gone overboard and dropped over five figures to deck out their basements, installing a full-length bar, premium entertainment center, and even movie theater seating. But not every guy is balling like that.

Truth is you can build a dope man cave with some of the coolest gadgets and high-tech furnishings for less than five stacks. So, if creating your own "mantuary," if you will, on a budget is on the bucket list, we got a number of recommendations for you. From multi-purpose gaming chairs to universal grills, here are some affordable tech essentials to consider when building your man cave.