With no high-profile movie being released this week, and a whole host of weak films still clinging to theaters nationwide, Collider is reporting that this was the lowest-grossing weekend at the box office since September 2008. The Possession again lead the way on this meager weekend with a haul of $9.5 million, which is an alarmingly low number for the top film. Lawless, The Words, The Expendables 2, and The Bourne Legacy all rounded out the top five with totals of less than $7 million each.

The beginning of September is always tough for the box office because it’s a period in between big-budget summer blockbusters and the dramatic prestige films with Oscar hopes. However, usually things don’t get this bleak for the movie business. And with Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master only opening in limited release next weekend, it will be up to Resident Evil: Retribution to inject some life into the box office.

[via Collider]