Released just last night, Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master pretty much shattered records for biggest Friday art house film opening, grossing $242,127 over five theaters, bringing the per location average to a very impressive $48,425. The Hollywood Reporter predicts that if traffic holds over the weekend, the film could see an average of $135,000 to $140,000 per theater, enough to beat Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, which earned an average of $130,745 per location and a total of $522,996 on opening weekend. The Master has already bested it in terms of just the Friday opening - Moonrise opened with $43,082 less.

As for wide-release films, Resident Evil: Retribution is continuing to do well in the box office after seeing strong numbers from midnight showings. The film sits at top spot with an earning of $8.1 million so far, while Disney's rerelease of Finding Nemo takes the second spot with $5.1 million.

Do you plan on heading to the movies this weekend?

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]