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The Barclays Center, the new home of the Brooklyn Nets, will fall in line with the approved ban of large sodas and beverages in New York. In a statement issued by Mayor Bloomberg's office, Bruce Ratner said, "As the newest sports and entertainment venue in Brooklyn, Barclays Center is thrilled to work with the Mayor and the city to help achieve the mayor’s public health goals." 

Bloomberg applauded Ratner (as if he had a choice), saying "I raise a 16 ounce cup and toast Barclays for joining us today and implementing this plan six months ahead of schedule." He continued: "This is a game-changing vote and the new Barclays Center is on the winning side." However, the size of alcoholic beverages will not be regulated, so feel free to get a big-ass drink when basketball season kicks off.

Enjoy it now, because Bloomberg might have the size of alcoholic drinks in his cross-hairs next. That could mean no gold bottles at games.

[via New York Observer]