Known In The '70s For: Singing the feminist anthem "I Am Woman"

Australian-born Reddy had worked her way into the pop charts by 1971, and then she happened to release the perfect song at the perfect time. Feminism had reached a fever pitch, so much so that it got its own magazine, the Gloria Steinem-edited Ms., which debuted in December 1971. A year later, Reddy released a beast of a song, "I Am Woman," which topped the pop charts in the US and Canada and came in second on the US Adult Contemporary and Australian listings. From 1973 to 1975, Reddy unleashed a relentless barrage of hits; she topped various charts regularly but did the greatest damage on the Adult Contemporary with a streak of six consecutive number-ones that started with "Delta Dawn" and finished with "Emotion." She is estimated to have sold 25 million albums worldwide.