Known In The '70s For: Starring in Love Story (1970) and The Getaway (1972)

After a successful modeling career, MacGraw burst into film with Goodbye, Columbus (1969) and then turned in a Golden Globe-winning performance in one of the top-grossing films of all time 1970's Love Story. Love Story is a fairly stomach-churning watch today—with its mantra of, "Love means never having to say you're sorry"—but there's no doubting the sex appeal of 30-year-old Ali. Her next film, The Getaway (1972), remains a ripping good time, and her chemistry with the dangerous hunk Steve McQueen was all too real: They were wed in 1973 and stayed together until 1978. Uncoincidentally, she made no movies during that span.

She returned to film with Convoy (1978), a film that could not have been more late-70s if it tried: Based on a country-western song, it tried to cash in on the trucking/CB craze and starred Kris Kristofferson.