Editions: 14 NBA 2K (1999), NBA 2K1 (2000), NBA 2K2 (2001), NBA 2K3 (2002), ESPN NBA Basketball (2003), ESPN NBA 2K5 (2004), NBA 2K6 (2005), NBA 2K7 (2006), NBA 2K8 (2007), NBA 2K9 (2008), NBA 2K10 (2009), NBA 2K11 (2010), NBA 2K12 (2011), NBA 2K13 (2012)

Publisher: 2K Sports

For years, NBA 2K has dominated the basketball scene, from the days of the Sega Dreamcast to the multiplatform affair it has today with modern gamers. The premiere choice for gamers looking for a fantastic basketball game to whet their appetite back then for the Dreamcast, the series has only continued to grow and improve over the years.