Editions: 4 Def Jam Vendetta (2003), Def Jam: Fight for NY (2004), Def Jam: Icon (2007), Def Jam Rapstar (2010)

Publisher: EA, Konami

Hip Hop and video games aren't a new concept but one thing that most of them always had in common was that they sucked horribly. They were either not fun to play or were so "Hip Hop" that they were on the borderline of stereotypical baffonery. The legendary record label Def Jam saw an opening in the lane and created the brawler Def Jam Vendetta. The hook was that players could beat each other senseless with their favorite rap artists. Vendetta got the attention and admiration of the gaming community which lead to two more titles after which, the company decided to release the music game, Def Jam Rapstar to even more acclaim. Although Rapstar's sales weren't through the roof, its party-friendly vibe maintained the Def Jam brand as a respected name in gaming.