This past month, we've put some of the thirstiest men of Instagram on blast with The 100 Thirstiest Comments on Instagram as well as the women who set the traps with The 100 Hottest Instagram Selfies of Summer 2012, so it was only right that we brought to you the queen of the thirst trap: Kim Kardashian.

After joining the social networking site back in February, Kardashian has managed to share over 600 photos of her life, which includes photos of her family, her shoe collections, her clothes, her newly acquired boyfriend, and, of course, her ass-sets, all of which have evoked some of the most extreme levels of dehydration from both men (and women).

Just like we did a few weeks back, we're once again highlighting some of the truest forms of thirst on the model and reality television star's Instagram photos. Here are The 25 Thirstiest Comments on Kim Kardashian's Instagram.

Written by Anthony Osei (@ILLIONAIRE)

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