Minor depression set in for millions of TV junkies last Sunday night when AMC's Breaking Bad reached its final season's midway point with a devastating, and cheekily literal, "Oh, shit" moment. Instead of only having to wait another six days and 23 hours to continue tracking Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) downward spiral, fans will have to endure 10 long, agonizing months of speculation and anticipation.

Fret not, though, because that sadness will only be temporary. Kicking off next Tuesday with the return of the FX biker drama Sons of Anarchy, television's best time of the year, the fall season, is back in effect and armed with enough superior material to make up for Breaking Bad's absence. As you'll see in our countdown of The 25 Most Anticipated TV Shows Of Fall 2012, several of programs that landed on our list of 2011's best TV shows are about to make rather splashy comebacks, in addition to a few intriguing new sitcoms and dramas. Say goodbye to Heisenberg and hello to bad guys like Nucky Thompson and The Governor.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)