Director: RZA
Stars: RZA, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, David Bautista, Jamie Chung, Cung Le, Bryon Mann, Rick Yune, Pam Grier
Release date: November 2

The Man with the Iron Fists practically sells itself to anyone who's ever bought a Wu-Tang Clan album. For his feature film debut as a director, RZA has essentially made his own expanded version of those kung-fu movie snippets that bookend some of the Clan's best songs, except here, the visual aids include excessive amounts of gore (he co-wrote the script with Cabin Fever/Hostel mastermind Eli Roth, after all), Russell Crowe hamming it up as the film's villain, and the beautiful Lucy Liu back on that Kill Bill/O-Ren Ishii tip.

Yeah, The Man with the Iron Fists is destined for a much-celebrated cult status, even if RZA proves to be more Uwe Boll than Quentin Tarantino, though something tells us Bobby Digital has what it takes to make some winning exploitation cinema. Another cool thing about Iron Fists: It's given RZA an excuse to bring back the days of eventful movie soundtracks, with an accompanying CD of original music (scheduled for an October 23rd release) featuring new cuts from various Wu-Tang members, Kanye West, Pusha T, the Black Keys, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Talib Kweli.