When we compiled our list of the summer's most anticipated movies, back in early May, there were a few predictable, common threads throughout the picks: huge budgets, expensive special effects, and famous actors sporting flashy costumes. Which is all par for the course during any summer season, the time designated for major studios to cash in with tentpoles like The Avengers and big-name comedies such as Seth MacFarlane's raunchy talking teddy bear romp Ted. But after four months of loud, often overbearing, but also largely enjoyable, films, it's definitely time to put thinking caps back on and readjust those higher brows.

That's right, we're officially entering Hollywood's always turbulent awards season, when companies both large and small unveil their most prestigious films in hopes of racking up Academy Award nominations—or, if Oscar love isn't in the cards, profitable box office numbers motivated by glowing reviews from critics and strong word-of-mouth buzz. To help you stay on top of Oscar bloggers' score cards, as well as impress your friends with knowledge of the film community's crème de la crème, we present The 25 Most Anticipated Movies Of Fall 2012.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)