Neighborhood: East Village
Address: 43 East 7th St.

Nestled on the same block as McSorley's, another landmark, Standings is small, unassuming. You might walk by and not take stock of it (despite the earnest sign), though it's the best sports bar in New York. Inside, you'll find that jerseys and banners hang from the ceiling, and the walls are adorned with sports paraphernalia like a warm blanket to wrap yourself in. The owner, who must bunk on a cot behind the bar, is good to chat up. He'll readily explain that the bar refuses to play music—just the audio from the games here. Standings offers free food, usually pizza or wings, during games, and the beer list is careful. That might have to something to do with the owner's friendship with Jimmy of Jimmy's No. 43, the craft beer bar located downstairs. No posturing, no allegiances, no bullshit, just the games. Throw in free food and good beer, and it's a wrap. No one does it better.