The unfortunate star: Susan Sarandon

Confession: Susan Sarandon could make a movie with Tyler Perry and we'd have to see it. One of Hollywood's sexiest cougars, she's also one of the movie industry's best actresses whenever she actually wants to be, not when she's mindlessly appearing in dreck like Adam Sandler's recent flop That's My Boy.

While Sarandon currently receives rave reviews for her new drama Arbitrage, let's take a step backward and reflect upon Noel, the 2004 ensemble drama that's basically Crash for viewers hoping to sob during the Christmas season. Several gifted actors, including Penélope Cruz and Alan Arkin, fall victim to actor turned director Chazz Palminteri's overly sappy storytelling and lifeless camerawork, but it's Sarandon, playing a divorced woman tending to her Alzheimer's-afflicted mother, whose plight stings the most.