Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing as we know it, has been around for several years, but only recently has it gained traction in the tech industry. On one end, you have companies like Makerbot that are building 3D replicating machines that give average Joes a platform to print their own gadgets. On the other world-class engineers and grad school visionaries have depended on more advanced printing systems to assemble life-changing (and even awkwardly arousing) devices. Artificial limbs, vehicles, and sex toys? It's insane what some of these designers have produced. And with the Obama administration backing the technology with $60 million for its possible use as a drone manufacturer, who knows what fascinating and bizarre inventions will be birthed from a 3D printer. Find inspiration for your next big project by scoping out the 10 Craziest 3D-Printed Creations (So Far).