Notable examples: Grease (1978), The Breakfast Club (1985), She’s All That (1999), Mean Girls (2004)

You know that nerdy girl who's introduced at the beginning of countless high school comedies with the frumpy clothing and thick glasses (and is obviously quite hot underneath)? Well, don’t get too used to her because chances are that she'll receive a drastic makeover by the end in order to land the big man on campus. Gone are the glasses, homemade sweaters, and ponytails in favor of low-cut shirts and gaudy lipstick.

Taking their cues from others works like Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, these teen flicks often try to show us that being yourself isn’t quite good enough, so sometimes a complete image change is necessary so you can fit society’s definition of beauty. We wouldn’t suggest getting too many of your life lessons from these movies.