His name may not be named Walter White like the last guy, close enough - according to Linden police, chemistry teacher William Duncan from East Texas was arrested for cooking meth and selling it in the parking lot of the junior high school where he worked. Someone's been marathoning Breaking Bad!

According to Linden Police Chief Alton McWaters, cops had been watching Duncan for a while. "We've been conducting an undercover operation for about five months and buying narcotics and we had bought off of this person a few weeks back...we set-up another buy from him. He sold it to us at the school, at the junior high school where he teaches." More meth was discovered in Duncan's truck, parked at the school. Walter White would be ashamed.

Police do not suspect that Duncan sold any meth to students. He has, reportedly, been placed on administrative leave at the school for now.

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[via KLTV]