This 17-year-old criminal admitted that was he did was "stupid," but he's selling himself short.

A plan hatched by two friends, a 17-year-old and a 14-year-old, involved the impersonation of a police officer and the theft of some Yu-Gi-Oh cards. While the younger of the two was shoplifting trading cards from a Florida Wal-Mart—don't lie, you assumed this happened at a Wal-Mart—the older teen walked into the store with a fake badge and a pellet gun on his hip and asked the manager to page his friend so he could "arrest" him. 

The boys had maintained the ruse until they walked out of the store, when the phony cop allegedly uncuffed his friend in front of the store manager who had followed them outside. The boys fled on foot and were caught by police soon after. 

Yes, it was ridiculous and ill-conceived, but honestly, considering how it was two teens trying to steal trading cards from a Wal-Mart in Florida, this was practically like Ocean's Eleven for them.

[via Huffington Post]