23-year-old Hakina Tinakwa Alston of Myrtle Beach, SC, was arrested last night after allegedly biting the breast of a woman during a street fight. Alston told police that the victim jumped out of a vehicle and attacked her ("bum rushed" her, to be exact) by sitting on top of her. Alston said she had no other choice to go straight for the woman's breast with her teeth.

However, police visited the victim in the hospital and saw that she also had scratches on her face, neck, and arms from an unidentified object. The fight is reportedly the result of a two-year feud, though no details were provided over the subject. Alston was charged with second degree assaulted in battery.

Maybe next time she'll use her mouth for arguing instead of biting, though we're sure these women did their share of arguing before things got ignorant.

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[via The Huffington Post]