Timecop: Walker vs. McComb

Long live Van Damme. This film was JCVD's highest grossing film at the box office, and (relatively speaking) his best reviewed. In it, Jean Claude plays a federal agent who works for the Time Enforcement Commission, a government branch that regulates time travel, which is now possible in the film's futuristic setting (the future here being 2004). JCVD is also mourning the loss of his murdered wife (played by the always attractive Mia Sara, who you might remember best as Ferris Bueller's girlfriend), and the bad guy he squares off against here is a far cry from his usual martial arts foes. It's instead a crooked politician, played by the late Ron Silver, who is using time travel for his own personal gain (perish the thought!). The film takes some rather fun liberties with atomic physics, but as far as time travel flicks go, it's surprisingly good.