Calling all nightlife enthusiasts: Complex and Bud Light Platinum have developed a new content hub dedicated to living a Platinum Lifestyle. What does that entail, you ask? Well, there is a lot we could say about the element platinum. We could tell you that it is no. 78 on the periodic table, or that it goes by the symbol Pt, but any way we cut it, we are describing one of the rarest substances on the planet. Bud Light Platinum is the new triple-filtered brew that is elevating both light beer and the nightlife enjoyed by its drinkers to the top shelf and beyond.

The hub, which will be updated daily over the next several months, will provide all sorts of useful info: from the history of EDM to social tips for hitting the club. The hub will also preview specific events, such as Sensation, the world's premium EDM party, landing on American shores for the first time ever this fall.

So, stay locked in to for daily news, features, advice, and other dispatches from the Platinum universe. And always, #makeitplatinum.