If there's one partnership we never thought we'd see, it's the one between Plants vs. Zombies studio Popcap and the professional teeth-pullers at the American Dental Association. Not because Popcap hates teeth or dentists hate video games, though. More because it's just so freaking random.

But now the ADA and Popcap have indeed teamed up, and for every dentist's and zombie's favorite holiday: Halloween.

At stopzombiemouth.com, parents and other candy-giver-outers can print out coupons for free Plants vs. Zombies Mac/PC downloads that are valid from Oct. 30-Nov. 10. Interestingly, all the codes simply read "PEAH8R" (we see what you did there), so presumably this should work for anyone.

The coupons and other PvZ-themed goodies, including trading cards, can also be obtained at ADA-certified dentists everywhere.

Why they're doing this, we still have no idea. You'd think dentists would enjoy the November boom of candy-riddled mouths that no doubt arrive after every Halloween. Unless zombie mouth is a real disease, in which case we're glad we've been preparing for the undead apocalypse all these years.

[via Joystiq]