Jesse Scott Owen, a freshman at the King's College, was walking to the subway before class when a futon mattress fell from some 30 stories above and knocked him unconscious. Luckily, Owen is out of the hospital and happy to be alive. Owen had just moved to New York from Florida three weeks ago, and was on the move when he was "hit on the head with something."

Pedestrians came to his rescue. Owen, who woke up on top of the mattress, said "this one man in particular kept his arm on me and would not take it off, as you can see in the picture. He took my wallet and phone and called my mother and gave my information to the police." 

Two classmates traveled with Owen to the hospital, where he was given X-Rays, CAT Scans and pain medication. The NYPD told his mother that the mattress might've blown off of the roof, but no police report was filed. Owen says he doesn't know if he wants to sue, but doesn't want to pay for medical bills. Still, he says he's happy he's "not dead," and viewed the incident as a "rite of passage."

After finding the story on Gothamist by Googling 'man hit by mattress,' he was ecstatic, saying, "That's right, I'm a man now! They said it was a man knocked out on the sidewalk." Oh boy.

[via Gothamist]