After two years spent toiling away in a dark laboratory trying to find the perfect mix of ingredients, Nicki Minaj finally launched her new perfume, Pink Friday, yesterday.

Just joking. Well, at least about the dark laboratory part. She has, to some extent or another, been 'working' on this thing for two years.

"I've been thinking about [a fragrance] for like, the last two years actually; I knew I was going to call it Pink Friday," Minaj told MTV News. "I didn't know I would have a pink wig on the bottle until I met with the fragrance company and they asked me what I wanted my bottle to look like and I said, 'Is there any way we can put a pink wig on it?' They said, 'You know what? Let's try.' And they came back with sketches and I was floored that they actually nailed it, I couldn't stop looking at the sketches."

Yes, bottles of Pink Friday come with their own pink wig and a baby pink lipstick. Also, a Nicki Minaj nameplate.

"When I saw the actual picture and it began coming to life, I was like 'wow,'" Nicki said. "My fans are going to spaz out when they see this."

She debuted the perfume yesterday at Macy's in New York.

[via Daily Mail]