Don't let your iPad out of your sight. Natalie Nunn is clearly learning the hard way about that. The Bad Girls Club star is being blackmailed by a person who swiped her trusty tablet and now has access to a sex tape she made with her husband that was stored on it.

"Someone stole Natalie's iPad and found the personal sex tapes she and her husband had made, and now she is receiving threats!" a friend says. "They were in New York doing promos for Bridezillas and at first she thought her iPad was taken directly out of her hotel room, but then realized she had left it on the subway."

Now the person with the iPad in its possession wants $100,000 to keep the footage from being leaked.

"Someone starting threatening Natalie saying they were going to sell the footage, unless she pays up," says the friend. "At first Natalie thought it was a hoax but then they sent a screen shot showing her and Jacob butt naked having sex, so she immediately called her lawyer."

The blackmailer is planning to sell the footage to the highest bidder if she doesn't fork over the cash. Expect this on Worldstar any day now.

[via Radar Online]