Not every woman can be a slender little thing with zero body fat. One of the most iconic brands in all of fashion, Ralph Lauren, is finally taking note.

They've enlisted Robyn Lawley, one of the more popular plus-sized models in the business to be their first model of the sort.

The 23-year-old announced that she'd landed the coveted gig on Good Morning America on Wednesday (Sept. 19). 

"That's generally the average in America, a size 12," she said.

Lawley is a size 12 herself, but when she was a teenager, she said she felt pressured to diet and keep her body thin.

"I really struggled to maintain that size," she said. "I rebounded but was lucky enough to start plus-size modeling."

For her to be having such an impact as a plus-size model is a coup for her, because at one time she even struggled with an eating disorder, trying to keep her weight down and compete with the other slender models.

"When I'd go to casting or try on clothes that didn't fit, in my mind I saw models on the runways and had to become one of those sizes," she said. "It was a real struggle for me."

What got her to let go of her dream of being the next Miranda Kerr? She says she went to France and fell in love with food again, returning to her native Australia much heavier than she had been.

But at the time plus-size modeling had become more mainstream, and so she started approaching agencies that dealt with that specifically. She was accepted by one and in the years since has graced the covers of French Elle and Vogue Italia (in their much-celebrated plus-sized issue), among others.

Now she can check Ralph Lauren off the bucket list.

[via Huffington Post]