Bioware has revealed that the Mass Effect Trilogy bundle will be heading your way just in time for the holidays.

The sprawling space opera, that has won pretty much all of the awards, ever, will bundle all three games together for the first time. Collecting all three titles in one sleek-ass collectors box, Bioware has told us that the whole shebang is going to run $59.99, and will drop November 6 for Xbox 360 and PC. PlayStation 3 will be released at a later date.

Players new to the franchise will follow Shepard from a wet behind the ears grunt, to savior of the galaxy. I think you also get to hook up with a space lady, or two, in there while trying to make sure the universe isn't wiped off the galactic map.

The games are all classics for a reason. Play them all again come holiday times. Let us know what you think of the deal on Twitter.