This man has to be given credit for his sense of humor. After receiving a parking ticket in what he describes as a "money trap" for police, a man decided to pay for the $137 infraction with 137 $1 bills carefully folded into origami pigs. He was even kind enough to serve them up Dunkin' Donuts boxes.  The man, known on YouTube as "bacon moose," says the pigs took 6 hours to prepare, but it was time well spent.

The cashier at the police station initially refused to accept the payment, but eventually warmed up to the idea. "You made me laugh. I'll give you mad props," he said. "You have made my day sir, I'll give you that." An officer who was impressed with the work took photos of them (click through).

It's a hilarious and safe way to say "fuck you" to the man.

[via The Huffington Post and Geekologie]