The miserable trauma of 2012's Era of NFL Replacement Referees is finally over, and even the NFL feels bad about what it put the world through. This might be enough for everyone but Green Bay Packers fans everywhere, bettors, and potentially, Seattle Seahawks fans.
As we all now know, on Monday night, the replacements standing in for locked out NFL zebras handed the 'W' to the Seattle and a loss to Green Bay, both outcomes that—let's face it— belonged to the other team. Now, Packers fans get to say they were robbed, and Seahawks fans get to defend themselves all season of being the shameless robbers. But that's the reality of the game. Unless they meet in the post-season, neither team will ever have a chance to reverse history: Green Bay can't win, and Seattle can't say they deserved to win.   
In the world of Madden '13, though: not so much. 
In the "Madden Moments" section of the Madden franchise, players can replay or sim specific, famous football moments, and sometimes offered the option to reverse history. Starting with Madden '11, they introduced "Madden Moments Live," weekly updates of game moments that happened the week before.
And this week—how could they not?—the game updated with the now-infamous final play of Week 3's Green Bay/Seattle game.
The text for it reads:
In what will go down as one of the most controversial calls in Monday Night Football, the Seahawks defeated the Packers on a hail mary pass to the endzone as time ran out. Take the game out of the refs hands, control the Seahawks and beat the Packers as time winds down.

Yeah, even Madden agrees: Seattle just didn't deserve that win. Granted, most people won't find winning with Seattle as gratifying as just simulating what actually happened, which isn't hard: Just air the ball out after Golden Tate is clearly incapable of catching the ball, and then watch him not catch the ball—just as it happened in real life—and then watch the refs call it for Green Bay. Easy.