As reported earlier, the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Bruce Willis-starring Looper did well in the domestic box office this weekend, pulling in a respectable $21.2 million and opening in the number two spot behind Hotel Translyvania - but internationally, the film is blowing up. According to Deadline, it's looking like Looper took the top spot in Chinese box offices and garnered between $23-$25 million in ticket sales, though these numbers aren't officially confirmed and won't be until Tuesday, because of a Chinese National Holiday.

If the numbers are accurate - and a representative from the film's production company, Endgame Entertainment, seems confident that they are - Looper will become the first film ever to open bigger in China than in the US. 

"While we don’t have the final box office tally’s because of the Chinese National Holiday, it looks as if we are #1 in that market and at least on par if not exceeding the U.S. box office, marking the very first time in history that China would be world’s leading market for an international film," Endgame's James Stern told Deadline. "A big congratulations to my partner Dan Mintz and his team at DMG are in order."

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