Not only has producer Mitch Hurwitz done a great job of locking up the main cast for the upcoming revival of Arrested Development, but he’s also made sure to sign up all of the supporting characters that made the first run of the show so successful. And now it looks like another longtime favorite has agreed to return as TV Guide is reporting that Liza Minnelli will be reprising her role as Lucille Austero for the upcoming season.

In the original, Lucille Austero – or “Lucille 2” as she was known – was the geriatric love interest of both Buster and Gob Bluth. She also famously suffered from vertigo and enjoyed having items on the country club menu read to her in a sultry voice. There is no word on how many episodes she will appear in as of yet, so we'll probably have to wait until the new season debuts in 2013 to find out.

[via TV Guide]