When Lindsay Lohan signed on to do a cameo in Scary Movie 5, she probably didn't realize the scene would be poking fun at her. Or maybe she did, but then had second thoughts.

Whatever the case, the actress has reportedly spent the two weeks leading up to shooting the scene ducking producers and basically doing whatever she can to avoid having to go through with it.

“Lindsay missed every meeting she had for the film, including script reads and wardrobe meetings,” said a source. “Then she missed her flight to Atlanta on Sunday to shoot the movie. The producers had been getting signs Friday that she was a mess, and would not be fit to work.”

Lindsay did, in fact, report to the set, but it took being threatened with a lawsuit and a private jet sent to fly her there. Sources say the troubled actress had been apprehensive about shooting the scene for weeks, but when a call was set up to discuss just how hard the script was "going at" her, she missed it.

Last weekend, she said she couldn't do the film because she'd come down with walking pneumonia and checked into a hospital, which was essentially a ploy to skip out on the film because her contract states she has to prove she's sick in order to do so. He rep denies any of this happened, but knowing Lindsay, this sounds like one of her moves.

[via Page Six]