Aurora Barrera, a Bank of America branch manager in East Los Angeles, says that gunmen kidnapped her, strapped a bomb to her chest, and forced her to rob her own bank. According to Barrera, two men accosted her at her home on Tuesday night, then brought her to the bank the following morning with explosives fixed to her stomach.

L.A. County sheriff's Capt. Mike Parker told the Associated Press that Barrera was told she had an explosive device attached to her, and she was instructed to enter the bank and remove all of the money, which she did out of "fear for her life." In a not-so-shocking twist, the bomb squad later determined that the device was not actually a bomb. By then it didn't matter, as the assailants had already escaped with a respectable amount of cash.

Investigators are digging to figure out if Barrera knew her kidnappers (sounds like they've been watching The Town), and the robbers are still at large.

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[via Gawker]

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