The bad boy of the Internet, Kim Dotcom, is making a digital comeback. As you see in the video above, Dotcom previews his newest project dubbed, Megabox. The new site, according to Dotcom, will give users access to music “anywhere and anytime.” To avoid another fiasco like Megaupload, Dotcom is working closely with his lawyers to ensure Megabox doesn't violate any copyright laws.

Ars Technica acquired more details about Megabox and how it works: 

"To listen to songs through Megabox, users will have two options—purchasing the music through the service, or installing "Megakey" software onto their computer to listen for free. The Megakey software, as Dotcom explained to Torrentfreak, acts like ad-blocking software—except that it isn't. Megakey allows most advertisements to appear, but replaces about 15 percent of the ads served up by websites with ads hosted by Megabox."

Very clever, Mr. Dotcom, sounds like it might actually work. No official date on the release of Megabox but according to its site, it's "coming soon."

[Ars Technica via BGR