Just because James Franco put up a casting call last month for "James Franco and Lindsay Lohan-types" to be in his next film, that does not mean that James Franco is making a film about James Franco. Got that? According to E!, the director/actor/writer/robot/whatever revealed while at the Toronto International Film Festival that the casting calls don't really mean that the film is about him or Lohan. In fact, they may not mean anything.

"That's something I really didn't publicize," he said. "We just put out a casting call for a Lindsay Lohan and James Franco type. People just saw the casting call and picked that up and made up a lot of stories about it." As for what the movie's actually about, Franco remained rather quiet on the subject, adding, "it's really a project that's really under the radar for now." Unlike some other things going on in his life at the moment.

[via E!]