An unemployed and unidentified 32-year-old man has been arrested after pretending to be a pilot and joining the cabin crew in a plane cockpit. The swindler even created a phony Facebook profile for himself under the name Andrea Sirlo (the name of an air corridor above Turin) and posting a photo of himself wearing a uniform and aviator sunglasses. He even made fake identification cards and sent himself comments, pretending to be fake cabin crew members.

Police believe the man flew in the cockpit of a plane at least once, and were tipped off by a member of the Italian Civil Air Authority who questioned how the man could become a captain at his age. He was held at the Turin's Caselle airport bar, and eventually took police back to his home in Turin where he showed them fake uniforms, ID cards and books on flight theory.

Police are continuing to investigate, but say they are familiar with him and his previous convictions for fraud.

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[via Daily Mail UK]

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