Lady Gaga's ex-boyfriend Luc Carl lost 40 pounds then wrote a book about it called The Drunk Diet. The pop singer may need to start drunk-dialing Carl again, because it appears she's packing on the pounds.

Recent images show her once tight-and-toned midsection literally spilling over her fishnet stockings. Which is kind of a nice change from her being a walking twig. 

While the added poundage hasn't kept her off stage, she has been covering up much more in public, leading to speculation that she may be pregnant.

"I think she is pregnant because she has been covering up this part of her body recently and I have been noticing that a lot," Kelly Osbourne, who's struggled with her own weight problems in her life, told English TV personality Alan Carr [via The Sun]. "And her style has changed and you can’t bleach your hair blonde when you are pregnant.”

Perhaps she's just added some weight because Adele has stolen her thunder and the British songstress is famously a tad plump. Gotta compete!

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