When travelling, some people prefer venturing around and discovering things on their own while others prefer a more organized plan of attack. If you are part of that latter group, Google's "Field Trip" will be perfect for you.

Available only on Android devices with an iPhone version in the works, the app "is designed to run in the background of your phone, pinging you with notifications about nearby landmarks, surrounding restaurants and miscellaneous local trivia when it sees fit." According to the app's description, when you approach something of interest, the app will let you know by popping up a card with details or reading the information to you through a headset or bluetooth.  

With different settings from "Feeling Lucky," which will only send the occasional notification to "Explore," a mode that will present as much information as possible to simply turning it off and exploring on your own, Google is trying to "build something that would help people connect with the real, physical world around them,” as vice president of the product, John Hanke, mentioned to The New York Times

[via Huffington Post]