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People hear “gamer” and think of an out-of-shape nerd with no friends and the same social skills of the robot or warlock on his screen. However, in reality, women are also armed with controllers and are enjoying the same virtual world once dominated by men: video games. 

Contrary to the stereotype, female gamers aren't just tomboys in baby tees and pigtails. Some are high-glammed and can also deliver a wicked sniper shot. One such player is Dahlia Dark, actress, model and hardcore gamer. We spoke to her about her love for video games and the lifestyle.

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How did you get into gaming?
I grew up a tomboy, and Nintendo was my first Christmas present. Gaming became an addiction since then.

As a woman, do you find issue being taken seriously as a player?
It’s always fun when I have run into guys that immediately start trash talking the moment they see my tag or hear my voice. A lot of that has to do with their own personal insecurities; they probably don’t get any attention from girls in real life. Then there’s the “tough” guys that absolutely cannot take losing to a girl. But when I win the game I am the one that has the last laugh, and an evil one it is.

And the girls are just as bad, probably worse than the guys. With the few amount of girls that game you would think that we would stick together and have each others’ backs against the ridiculing guys. Such is not the case. About 99% of the times that I encounter a female gamer, she immediately starts trash talking me calling me ugly, etc. Then after the games I get about 20 messages from a girl all about how they Googled me, went  on my social sites, and think that I am so ugly and disgusting, blah blah. It’s hilarious. I’ve dealt with this type of jealous behavior from females all my life, but who would have thought I would deal with it on Xbox Live. Sad for them.

What type of gamer are you? Hardcore or sometimes? Regular or occasional? 
Underground. Back in the Halo 2 days I would play just about every day. I worked a full time job and somehow managed to put just as many hours in. Today I do not have much time to jump on, but when I do I make sure it’s worth it. I definitely plan on making time for the release of GTA 5

What is your favorite game and why?
Though the days are over [I] would have to say Halo 2. The game along with the weapons and maps were well constructed. The multiplayer games were so much fun. I had a decent size clan and a group of friends that would always play together. The verbal taunting was always very entertaining. I was really let down with Halo 3 though, all the changes especially not being able to hear the other team during the game was a downer for me. Trash talking is just a part of gaming, not everything can be censored.

What system(s) do you play? Any accessories?
Xbox 360

Finish this sentence: Girls whose guys game should know
Not to get mad if he wants to play a few games instead of watching American Idol with you. Don’t throw a fit, just give him his space.

What’s next for you?
I should probably clarify that I am not just a model, I am also an actress. And these days I have been doing a lot more acting projects then modeling. I am shooting exclusively for my website and acting is my main interest and focus of my projects. In the midst of it all I am a full time student studying Bio-Chemistry. I've got quite a bit on my plate right now.

For more on Dahlia, check out her official website. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Like her on Facebook.