Complex: That's true. What exactly is different between the two parks? They're completely different?

Braillard: Oh, absolutely. And one of the nice things—and we pride ourselves at Universal Orlando, in particular for our original mazes—that every single year, we bring original content to our guests. But the nice thing is that even though we're using intellectual property like Silent Hill, which has such a huge swathe of information to pull from, it's still an original maze in the fact that we worked with Konami to say, "Okay, which rooms or which environments from the game are not only the most impactful to our guests, but which ones are also our favorites?"

And so Hollywood has done the exact same thing. Where then, we do have fans who will spend their vacation time flying from coast to coast to see the differences between the two houses. And that's something special, too, because we now know them by name, and when they show up, they love to give a critique.