Complex: Why did Silent Hill jump out at you versus other horror games?

Universal's Patrick Braillard: One of the reasons is the scope of work that both the films and, more to the point, the video games have showcased over the lifespan of the story of Silent Hill. I'm a gamer by nature. I've loved video games ever since I unwrapped my very first Atari 2600 (now that's dating me). But the idea of being able to bring ourselves into the world of Silent Hill is something very special because a lot of the games out there that are in the horror genre skirt [around] being horrific, or showing something horrific, but Silent Hill actually immerses you into an environment. And you begin to relate to it and care about the characters that are in that story. And also the depth to which the developers, and later on the filmmakers, have kept the aggressors in the story, it's just something fantastic. And I think that that's something that we look for. Plus, it's just damn scary.