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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Moustafa Ismail, an Egyptian bodybuilder, holds the record for the world's largest biceps, with an absolutely ridiculous 31-inch circumference

Ismail, who is a seasoned weightlifter, moved to Massachusetts from Egypt a few years ago to continue bulking up, and says that chicken is what helped him get huge. (His steroid supplier is going to be so bummed that he didn't give him credit—just kidding! Don't beat us up!)

Ismail's rigorous diet consists of three pounds of chicken, one pound of steak/fish, four cups of almonds, two gallons of water and three liters of protein shakes. He stated he regularly gets compared to Popeye, but the bodybuilder added: "Actually, I think my arms are now bigger than the cartoon character." 

Even though his arms look like they're full of pudding, you can't fault the guy for that kind of swagger. Once you officially have the world's largest biceps, you're allowed to boast a little—plus, do you really think anybody is going to call him out it? 

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