Well, with 20 years of it, it's hard to have a first thing to come to mind because it's been so many years of working on it and so many big events have happened.

I suppose if you were to say "off the top of your head," I would rewind to the original game where it was just four of us working on it, no expectations behind us. We kind of caught the video game world by surprise with everything we were doing: our presentation, the blood, the violence, the controversy, all that—that whole chapter up there as just an arcade game. Once Acclaim took it into the mainstream with pretty high-profile television commercials and advertising really hard, that brought it up to a new level. Then, the movie brought it into different media. At that point, it just became one big, crazy ride where there are so many big events associated with it that it's hard to pinpoint any one of them. I could literally write a book on my experiences.

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