Disney is threatening legal action against British production company Brightspark, who they allege were attempting to confuse consumers by releasing a film called Braver, with similar title and packaging to the Disney/Pixar hit Brave

The film itself is actually older than Brave - it was released in 2005, but back then it was called Fairy Tale Christmas. Only recently was it re-released and repackaged to resemble the Disney film. The company also has a history of mimicking Disney films - some of their other titles are Tangled Up, The Frog Princess, and Little Cars, all films with similar titles to but no plot resemblence to Disney films.

In a statement, Brightspark denied any wrongdoing, saying, "Braver is an item for families on a budget and I very much doubt that anyone would confuse our production with the wonderful work of Disney. We are currently talking to Disney to find a mutually acceptable resolution."

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[via Slashfilm]